Wealth Creation

Wealth is an enabler which can help you achieve your lifestyle goals and create the future you’ve always wanted. Building wealth will therefore give you and your family more options and opportunities – both now, and when you enter retirement.

Our Financial Advisers can partner with you to develop a plan for accumulating and sustaining a level of wealth to achieve your own personal financial objectives. The plan may include:

  • Retirement
  • Understanding your investment risk profile to ensure that any actions are aligned with your tolerance and capacity for risk
  • Setting clear objectives for your portfolio – investment horizon, income requirements, growth expectations, acceptable level of volatility, acceptable levels of liquidity and risk of capital loss
  • Developing and implementing an investment strategy
  • Reviewing the level of portfolio diversification and ensuring your portfolio asset allocation is aligned to your risk profile
  • Selecting an investment vehicle and underlying investments
  • Regularly reviewing your portfolio to ensure it remains on track to meet your financial goals

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